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Newspaper debate on Vissia Ita Yulianto´s article 'RI-Malaysia relation: All in the family'

The article 'RI-Malaysia relation: All in the family', authored by PhD student Vissia Ita Yulianto has been extensively discussed in the Jakarta Post.

RI-Malaysia relation: All in the family

by Vissia Ita Yulianto, Freiburg, Germany
December 30 2010
Jakarta Post

Much has been written about the tensions between Indonesia and Malaysia. The general focus has been on problems with Indonesian domestic workers in Malaysia, and Malaysia’s apparent attitude towards Indonesia: Claiming cultural superiority and an institutionalized pejorative sentiment against Indonesians.

All of this has contributed to the tension, renewing feelings reminiscent of the confrontation of the 1960’s. These 2010 AFF Suzuki Cup final matches don’t help either.

The poor diplomacy and slow response of the Indonesian government sealed its failure to protect the millions of Indonesian domestic workers in Malaysia. Add this to the Malaysian government’s view of our migrants — which appears, at times, inhuman — and we see the origins of a mess.

At this moment, there are Indonesian migrant workers suffering from abuse. Many of these people come from remote corners of Indonesia where they often only receive an elementary education, and have an insufficient grasp of the English language. These are the people facing discrimination. Exploited in poor working conditions, they are forced to accept inequities. Some even face...

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Vissia Ita Yulianto´s article is amongst the most commented articles of Jakarta Post (see ranking).

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