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CALL FOR APPLICATIONS | Scholarships for Indonesian Ph.D. Candidates in Germany (Deadline 25. May 2012)

What are the objectives of the programme?
The Ministry of Education and Culture (MOEC) of the Republic of Indonesia and the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany have agreed to run the Indonesian-German Scholarship Programme (IGSP) as part of the Debt Swap programme with the aim of improving the quality of higher education in the field of human resources. The DAAD administers the programme in Germany.

Target group:

PhD candidates from Indonesia, who are permanent or prospective lecturers from public and private universities and are willing to work after their PhD as lecturers in Indonesia, are eligible for this scholarship programme. This is a special call for applications in Germany only. Please read this leaflet carefully.

Who can apply?
a) Registered PhD students with an excellent academic background who have been working on their PhD in Germany for not longer than two semesters.
b) Holders of a Master degree (S2 Degree) with a minimum GPA of 3,20, who have been accepted for PhD studies in Germany and fulfil the requirements of the programme.

What is fundable?
The IGSP will provide a full scholarship for PhD/doctoral studies in Germany (3years) starting from the winter semester 2012/13. The IGSP is made up of a monthly stipend of 1,000 Euros, health, accident and personal liability insurance and a book allowance of 1,500 Euros.

Application and selection procedure:
Applications must be sent to both the DAAD and MOEC! 1. Online application to MOEC: please send the documents listed below including FORM A DIKTI ( to be downloaded from:, “Debt Swap” Scholarship Programme by email to:

The following documents (in English) must be submitted:
completed form A DIKTI; curriculum vitae (CV); research proposal (max. 5 pages) agreed with the host university and written confirmation of the supervisor in Germany commenting on this research proposal; list of publications (if any); 2 letters of recommendation; copies of academic certificate of Master studies & transcript; thesis abstract (1 page); one photo (3x4); certificate/s showing good knowledge of English and/or German.

Application to the DAAD:

please send the above-mentioned documents as a hardcopy to the DAAD address shown below with the completed DAAD application form (to be downloaded from:

Please make sure to specify on the first page of the application form that you are applying for Debt Swap/IGSP.

A selection committee consisting of German university professors will interview the applicants in Germany and recommend candidates for final approval to IGSP.

The interviews will be conducted in English and will take place on 9-10 July 2012 in Bonn. IGSP will inform the candidates in question in due time about the exact dates and venues for the interviews at the DAAD in Bonn. Travel costs for attending the interviews cannot be borne by IGSP.

Deadline 25.05.2012 (for receipt of online applications at DIKTI and hardcopy applications at the DAAD).

Contact and advice:
Contact point for advice and application address:
Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst
Referat 422,Stichwort “Debt Swap/IGSP”
Kennedyallee 50, 53175 Bonn

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