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Christl Kessler and Stefan Rother quoted in TNT: "Philippine Politics: Migrant Workers Weighing In"

TNT- Trends, News & Tidbits (Kanlungan Centre Foundation)
Vol. 27 Issue No. 50-52, April - December 2008


Philippine Politics: Migrant Workers Weighing In

by Ruby Pineda


It is not new to hear of politicians speaking on migration and about overseas Filipino workers (OFWs). From the State of the Nation Address of the president to the talking points of city mayors, labor migration, along with its socioeconomic and cultural implications, has filtered into Philippine political discourse. For all the buzz that labor migration has generated, it is, on the other hand, a fairly rare occurrence for migrant workers’ views on politics to be heard.
This is what an initial study conducted by Christl Kessler and Stefan Rother (...)


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