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Library of Southeast Asian Studies at the University of Frankfurt

Among the more than 9,200 books there are many rarities, which are very valuable for research.


Highlights of the library:

  • Main fields: the languages, literatures, media of insular Southeast Asia
  • Valuable pre-1900 books on Southeast Asia
  • The newly acquired Collection of Prof. E. U. Kratz (9,200 books on Indonesia and the Malay World, mainly the literatures and cultures)
  • The most comprehensive collection on Malaysia in Germany
  • The most comprehensive collection on East Timor in Germany (the East Timor collection of Dr. Metzner)
  • Major donations from the embassies and consulates of Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines
  • Fundraising campaign: 1,000 books on Southeast Asia (book donations welcome)



Senckenberganlage 31, Frankfurt
Juridicum, 8. Stock, Raum 802
Tel. 069/798-23265


Opening hours:

during the semester: Mo-Fr 9-18h

during the free period: Mo-Fr 10-16h


For further information please visit the homepage of the University of Frankfurt.

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