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CfP | Conference: “Weaving Women’s Discourses and Transformative Praxes in Asia: In the Mainstream and at the Margins” (Manila, Philippines)



The fifth WPA international conference entitled “Weaving Women’s Discourses and
Transformative Praxes in Asia: In the Mainstream and at the Margins” aims to locate both emerging and contending discourses with regard to women within traditional political spaces as well as in interstices where the “political” is not ordinarily recognized. The conference will mainly focus on the contexts and experiences of Asian women. In this regard, we seek to respond to:

How can we weave the various narratives of women in the region in the context of gains and gaps in women’s politics? What are the institutionalized discourses at the international, regional, and national levels that seek to improve the lives of women and yet have not been fully realized? What about the voices of women in their own political spaces that depicts tales of responding to existing challenges in their daily lives? How are Asian women contributing to social change in their societies?

Thus, some of the proposed themes are:
• Women Political Leaders: Constructions and Critiques
• Institutionalized Political Spaces and Hegemonic/Counter Hegemonic Discourses
• Women’s Agency: ‘Insider’-‘Outsider’ Activism and Politics
• Politics of Knowledge Creation: Asian Feminist Discourses and Theorizing
• Narratives of Insecurities: Poverty, Armed Conflicts and Natural Disasters
• Diasporic Asia and Feminized Migration

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Forms may be downloaded from:

Hosted and organized by the Department of Political Science, School of Social Sciences, Ateneo de Manila University, Quezon City, Philippines

You can download the information sheet here

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