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CONFERENCE | Circulating Social Science Knowledge (27. - 29.09.2012, Freiburg)

On the conference topic

In the last years post-colonialism and North-South relations have increasingly been discussed in regard to social sciences. They have been made the topic of several conferences and anthologies. Our research project “Universality and Acceptance Potential of Social Science Knowledge - On the Circulation of Knowledge between Europe and the Global South", focuses on related questions.

In this conference, knowledge circulation in the social sciences will be examined from a sociological and an epistemological perspective. Prominent terms in these debates such as circulation, transfer, entanglement, adaption or Eurocentrism will be discussed. Theoretically grounded acceptance and rejection of European approaches and models in the global South will be presented, as well as their “counterparts”: theoretical alternatives from the South and their reception in Europe, respectively the “West”. Another focus will be on social scientific South-South co-operations, their dynamics and in how far they might serve as a useful alternative or model. Discussion sessions of ongoing research projects in this field (e.g. by PhD students and post docs) will round up the conference.

We invited distinguished speakers to present theoretical concepts and critiques, empirical research on knowledge circulation as well as new models and proposed alternatives. In this way we want to broaden and enrich discussions that otherwise might remain rather abstract.


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