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Christl Kessler and Stefan Rother quoted in GMA News: "Pinoys' 'mañana' habit blamed for poor OAV registration turnout"

GMA News
107372009 4:52pm


Pinoys' 'mañana' habit blamed for poor OAV registration turnout



MANILA, Philippines - The Philippine government failed to meet the first month target of overseas absentee voting (OAV) registrants owing to the Filipinos’ infamous "hasta mañana" habit, according to an official from the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA).
Ambassador Nestor Padalhin of the DFA’s OAV Secretariat said the Filipinos’ inherent procrastinating nature caused the poor turnout.
“The Filipinos’ [hasta] mañana habit is clearly manifested in the low turnout," Padalhin told GMANews.TV on Tuesday.
As of March 9, only 15, 234 overseas Filipinos registered for the OAV since the registration began last Feb. 1.
The government’s target is one million overseas registrants (...)



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