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Jakarta Post Article on Freiburg-Yogyakarta Tandem Research

Jakarta Post Weekender
Wed, 10/05/2011 11:51 AM |


Eye of the Beholder 

Students from Germany and Indonesia are teaming up to explore each other’s – and their own – cultures.

By Anett Keller

It’s a balmy summer evening in Freiburg, southern Germany, but Fitria Yuniarti Thamrin is frozen in shock. “My cell phone is gone!” the 23-year-old Indonesian student cries, rummaging through her backpack.
German Moritz Heck tries to calm her down and urges her to call her number. What follows is a prime example of Teutonic thoroughness. A man answers the phone; he is the driver of the tram the two students took earlier. He insists they come down to the tram station to prove the young woman is the rightful owner.
Fitria sighs with relief. “In Indonesia, the phone would have been gone,” she says.
Half an hour later, cell phone reclaimed, Fitria and Heck return to the Center for Civil Society in Freiburg to continue what they were doing – research. Their subjects are members of the vegan movement, and they all sit in a circle to talk, someone’s pet dog curled up on the floor between them. Fitria asks questions and takes notes. Heck helps out with translations and explanations (...)


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