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RESEARCH POSITIONS | 6-8 Research Positions at Doctoral (or Post-Doctoral) Level (University of Zürich)

UFSP Asien und Europa

The University Research Priority Program (URPP) Asia and Europe of the University of Zurich explores exchanges and encounters between Asia and Europe that have taken and continue to take place in the areas of culture, law, religion and society. It promotes research by junior graduate scholars at both doctoral and post-doctoral levels within a structured and interdisciplinary research environment.

We invite applications for
6-8 research positions at doctoral (or post-doctoral) level
Starting date: 1 September 2012.

The positions are assigned to one of the URPP Asia and Europe research fields and are intended primarily for PhD candidates. Post-doctoral applications are also welcome and will be examined. Successful post-doctoral applicants will receive supplementary support during their search for third party funding. PhD candidates are expected to enroll in the URPP’s graduate program, where discussions are conducted in German and/or English. Candidates should therefore have adequate knowledge of German or be ready to acquire the necessary language skills upon notice of election. The applications should submit an original research project relating to one of the following research topics:

Research Field 1: Concepts and Taxonomies
1) Research on the concept of religion in Ancient Near Eastern History of Religions, Study of Religions, Indian Studies, Islamic Studies and Japanese Studies
2) Research on the theme of “law and order” from a historical and theological perspective
3) Research on the concept of “concept,” “comparison,” or “analogy” in premodern Asian texts and cultural traditions

Research Field 2: Entangled Histories
1) Perceptions of nature, the environment, territory, and ecological changes
2) History and construction of the body and space and their conceptual, theoretical, institutional, performative, and aesthetic representations

Research Field 3: Norms and Social Order(s)
1) Trans-local circulation of norms and concepts in the context of political protest movements
a. Fukushima and the emergence of new public spaces and forms of protest in Japan
b. Languages of protest: the role of Islam in contemporary Arab politics

For more details regarding these thematic fields, visit the following link:

Requirements: Doctoral level: M.A. or equivalent academic degree qualifying the candidate to submit a PhD thesis in one of the following disciplines: East Asian Art History, Chinese Studies, Social and Cultural Anthropology, Gender Studies, Geography, History, Indian Studies, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, Japanese Studies, Law, Political Science, Study of Religions, Theology. Post-doctoral level: PhD in one of the disciplines listed above or in a different discipline but with post-graduate qualifications in at least one of the listed disciplines.

Employment conditions: PhD-position at the University of Zurich for the duration of one year. Employment at the URPP Asia and Europe serves to prepare an application for funding with the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) and other institutions funding research. The salary is according to the University’s regulations for PhD-students. PhD dissertations are to be submitted at the University of Zurich.

We offer: a stimulating, demanding and competitive disciplinary and interdisciplinary research environment (4 faculties, 12 disciplines).

Applications should be submitted electronically in a single PDF-Document by 15 February 2011 according to the application guidelines published on our website.

Please send them to the following E-Mail address:

Contact: Dr. Inge Ammering, URPP Asia and Europe, Executive Manager, Tel.: +41 44 634 07 38 


You can download this text in pdf here.

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