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Grounding Area Studies in Social Practice


The University of Freiburg pursues a transdisciplinary concept of research on Southeast Asia. The disciplines involved include Political Science, Socio-cultural Anthropology, Economics, Geography, Islamic Studies and History. Southeast Asian Studies at Freiburg build on internationalized research and teaching and strive for knowledge production in circulation by enhancing innovative models of collaborative reciprocal research. Other program components such as regional, cross-cultural and global networking, the graduate program, field schools and methodology training, the alumni and fellowship program and knowledge transfer are closely linked with the research core (more ... ). Research in this program focuses on two topics:

1. Democratization and Institutional Change in South East Asia
2. Modes of World-Making in South East Asia


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Indonesians and Their Arab World. Guided Mobility among Labor Migrants and Mecca Pilgrims.jpg

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An anthropology of waste. Morality and social mobilisation in Java.

Why Asian states cooperate in regional arrangements: Asian regionalism in comparative perspective.


Indonesians and Their Arab World: Guided Mobility among Labor Migrants and Mecca Pilgrims.

Subnational favoritism in development grant allocations: Empirical evidence from decentralized Indonesia.