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Grounding Area Studies in Social Practice


The University of Freiburg pursues an interdisciplinary concept of research on Southeast Asia. The disciplines involved include Political Science, Social and Cultural Anthropology, Economics and Asian History. Southeast Asian Studies at Freiburg build on interdisciplinary and internationalized research and teaching. All other program components such as methodology training, regional networking, the graduate program, the alumni program and knowledge transfer are closely linked with the research core
(more ... ). Research in this project focuses on three topics:

1. Democratization and institutional change in SE Asia
2. Beyond Occidentalism: Concepts of the West in Asia
    (Associated project sponsored by DFG)
3. Dynamics of Sinicization and Chineseness in Southeast Asia

News & Events

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Collaborative Colloquium on 12 January


Lecture by Prof. Rüland on EU-ASEAN relations

  • On January 12, 11:15 AM to 12:45 PM, Prof. Rüland will present his  recent paper: 'Paradoxes and Unintended Consequences of Interregional Capacity-Building'
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FRIAS Junior Researcher Conference

  • From 14 to 16 January, Stefan Rother, Kirsten Hackenbroch and Tabea Bork-Hüffer will convene a conference on the subject of 'Translocal Spatial Practices and Urban Transfomations'
  • More information...
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Visit of DAAD-sponsored Indonesian delegation

  • On 12 December, a delegation of university and think tank scholars are visiting the University of Freiburg. The program is organized by the FRIAS Research Focus and includes presentations by Prof. Rüland, Prof. Schulze and Prof. Mietzner
  • More information...


An overview of all publications is available here.


Alternative Regionalism from Below: Democratizing ASEAN’s Migration Governance

  • Authors: Piper Nicola; Rother, Stefan
  • International Migration, 52 (6)
  • Journal Website
Giga Focus

ASEAN Civil Society under the Myanmar Chairmanship

  • Author: Stefan Rother
  • GIGA Focus 10
  • Website

Methodology and Research Practice in Southeast Asian Studies

pacific affairs34.png

Special Issue: Context, Concepts and Comparison in Southeast Asian Studies

  • Author: Mikko Huotari, Jürgen Rüland (Eds.)
  • Pacific Affairs, 2014
  • Journal Website


An overview of all media reports is available here.


TedX Stuttgart: Krisztina Kis-Katos on Globalization and the poor


Radio Dreyeckland: Anna Fünfgeld interviews Yandry Kuniawan on the election of Jokowi in Indonesia


Quote by Marcus Mietzner on the recent election of Jokowi in Indonesia


Dagens Arena: Stefan Rother on the Global Forum on Migration and Development

External news

⇨ Please visit this page for the full list of external academic news related to Southeast Asia...


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