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Grounding Area Studies in Social Practice


The University of Freiburg pursues an interdisciplinary concept of research on Southeast Asia. The disciplines involved include Political Science, Social and Cultural Anthropology, Economics and Asian History. Southeast Asian Studies at Freiburg build on interdisciplinary and internationalized research and teaching. All other program components such as methodology training, regional networking, the graduate program, the alumni program and knowledge transfer are closely linked with the research core
(more ... ). Research in this project focuses on three topics:

1. Democratization and institutional change in SE Asia
2. Beyond Occidentalism: Concepts of the West in Asia
    (Associated project sponsored by DFG)
3. Dynamics of Sinicization and Chineseness in Southeast Asia

News & Events

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European Spring Academy: Regional Integration in the 21th Century: EU and ASEAN in comparison


Lecture: Prof. James L. Fox, June 4th

  • Defining critical differences but also the significant similarities of Eastern Indonesia and the Austronesian-speaking world is the focus of the upcoming lecture of James L. Fox on June 4th
  • More information ...

Southeast Asian Language Courses in the Summer Term

  • The University of Freiburg will offer two language courses in the upcoming summer term: Introduction to Bahasa Indonesia and Advanced Thai.
  • More information ....

Courses on Southeast Asia in the Summer Term

  • The departments of Political Science, Cultural and Social Anthropology and Economics at the University of Freiburg are offering several courses on Southeast Asia in the upcoming summer term.


An overview of all publications is available here.


Religion Tradition and the Popular, Transcultural Views from Asia and Europe

  • Author: Judith Schlehe & Evamaria Sandkühler (Eds.)
  • Transcript Press, 2013
  • Download
Economics Letters

Political Budget Cycles in Indonesia at the District Level

  • Authors: Bambang Suharnoko Sjahrir, Krisztina Kis-Katos & Günther G. Schulze
  • Asian-Pacific Economic Letters, Vol. 120, No. 2: 342-345
  • Journal Website
  • More details
World Economics

Administrative overspending in Indonesian districts: The role of local politics


Concepts of Asia, the West and the Self in contemporary Indonesia: An anthropological account.


An overview of all media reports is available here.


German Society for Asian Studies: Report on the annual workshop of the junior research group in Freiburg from January 17 to 19


Inside Indonesia: Christian von Lübke on Indonesian presidential hopeful Jokowi


Badische Zeitung: Reinhart Kößler and Christian von Lübke on the Protest Movements in Thailand and Ukraine

  • Author: Reinhart Kößler & Christian von Lübke
  • Date: December 7, 2013
  • More details ...

Academic and Policy Roundtable Report: Democratising ASEAN and the role of the European Union

Report on the BMBF-sponsored Roundtable held in Berlin, September 30, 2013.

External news

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