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Anna Fünfgeld



Anna Fünfgeld is a PhD candidate and research fellow at the Department of Political Science, University of Freiburg. Between 2010 and 2013, she worked as a project assistant at the Southeast Asian Studies program. Since 2014, she is the program's methodology coordinator and responsible for the Collaborative Colloquium on Southeast Asia.

Ms. Fünfgeld studied political science, human geography, social and cultural anthropology, and German language and literature at Freiburg University and the University of Sevilla. During her studies, she has conducted several internships in Germany, Indonesia, Australia, and Bolivia and worked for the international consultancy company Particip. In 2011 she took part in an interdisciplinary study conducted for GIZ Indonesia on decentralized public service delivery in Indonesia.

In the same year, Ms. Fünfgeld carried out another field research in Jakarta and East Kalimantan on the societal and political impact of coal mining in a predominantly rural part of Samarinda. The field research contributed to her thesis (MA and LA), which is about to be published in LIT-Verlag as “Staatlichkeit als lokale Praxis: Kohleabbau und Widerstand in Indonesien”.

From 2013 to 2014, she worked as a researcher and lecturer at the Department of Human Geography at Freiburg University. There she conducted the research project “Nacht-Orte”, which explored spacial practices in selected public places in Freiburg.

Her PhD project deals with the interaction of resource governance and democracy in Indonesia and Brazil.

Ms. Fünfgeld’s research interests include resource governance, political ecology, state theories, gender studies, decentralization in Indonesia, and development politics.


Publications & Talks

Fünfgeld, A. (2017): Governing Resources, Governing People: From Timber To Coal in East Kalimantan. Occasional Paper Series, Southeast Asian Studies at Freiburg, 37.

Fünfgeld, A. (2017): Claiming Justice Matters in Energy Policy. Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Policy Paper 2/2017.

Fünfgeld, A./Hofstetter, J. (2017): Zwischen Dissidenz und Opposition - Was ist Widerstand und wie kann man dazu forschen?., Tagungsbericht Normative Orders Conference "International Dissidence: rule and Resistance in a Globalized World".

Fünfgeld, A. (2017):"Wenn sich nicht mal der Teufel heimisch fühlt" - Widerstand gegen die Energiepolitik in Indonesien. Stiftung Asienhaus (ed. 2017): Asien im Windschatten des Wachstums. Ungleicheit - Extraktivismus - Bewegungen.

Fünfgeld, A. (2016): Staatlichkeit als lokale Praxis: Kohleabbau und Widerstand in Indonesien. Berlin [u.a.]: LIT-Verlag.

Fünfgeld, A. (2016): Towards a Political Ecology of Coal Mining: On Stateness in East Kalimantan. Austrian Journal of South-East Asian Studies (ASEAS) 9(1). Focus: Socio-Ecological Conflicts in Southeast Asia.

Fünfgeld, A. (2015): Governing Resources, Governing People: From Timber to Coal in East Kalimantan. In: Cathrin Bullinger/ Michaela Haug/ Stefan Seitz/ Oliver Venz (Hrsg.): Change and Continuity in Dayak Societies. Centaurus/ Springer Verlag. (forthcoming)

Fünfgeld, A. (2015): Dynamic Alignments and Realignments in Global Southeast Asia. Internationales Asienforum, 46.

Fünfgeld, A. (2015): (Towards a) Political Ecology of Coal Mining in East Kalimantan. Vortrag auf der EuroSEAS-Konferenz in Wien, 11.-14. August 2015.

Fünfgeld, A. (2014): ‚Praktische‘ Konstituierung von Staatlichkeit im Konfliktfeld des Kohlebergbaus in Ost-Kalimantan (Indonesien). Vortrag am Arnold-Bergstraesser Institut. 24.7.2014, Freiburg.

Fünfgeld, A. (2014): Der Staat als dynamische Infrastruktur und die ‚praktische‘ Konstituierung von Staatlichkeit im Konfliktfeld des Kohlebergbaus in Indonesien. Tagung Neue Kulturgeographie IX „Infrastrukturen der Stadt“, 31.1.-1.2.2014, Universität Bremen.

Fünfgeld, A./ Lücking, M./ Platte, F. (2012): How Can Standards Contribute to Social Welfare through the Improvement of Public Service Delivery? An Interdisciplinary Assessment of the Potentials of Standard Based Public Service Delivery in Indonesia. Occasional Paper Series, Southeast Asian Studies at Freiburg. OP No. 11.

Fünfgeld, A. (2012): Political Participation & Strategies of Resistance in Decentralized Indonesia - A Case Study on Coal-Mining in East Kalimantan, Indonesia. Forschungswerkstatt „Intersektionale Mehrebenenanalyse in der (Forschungs-)Praxis“, 26.-28.1.2012, Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg.

Fünfgeld, A. (2007): Indonesiens informelles Abfallentsorgungssystem und die, die es am Leben erhalten. In: Cargo Zeitschrift für Ethnologie 27: 24-26.



 SoSe 2015

Seminar „Ressourcenkonflikte in Südamerika und Südostasien“(together with Farbrizio Rodríguez)

SoSe 2015

Organization of the Collaborative Colloquium Series (Southeast Asian Studies Program)

WS 2014/15

Tutorial „Internationale Politik“ (Department of Political Science)

WS 2014/15

Organization of the Collaborative Colloquium Series on „Contentious Politics – Communism in Southeast Asia“


Organization of the “2014 Fall School in Empirical Research Methods” (Southeast Asian Studies Program), own workshop on „Qualitative Interviewing“ (together with Dr. Kirsten Hackenbroch)


2-weeks intensive course for foreign students on „Freiburg – Modell einer nachhaltigen Stadtentwicklung?“ (Sprachlehrinstitut, University of Freiburg)

SoSe 2014

Organization of the Collaborative Colloquium Series on „New Nationalism in Southeast Asia“

SoSe 2014

Seminar „Methoden der empirischen Regional- und Sozialforschung“ (Department of Human Geographie)


Workshop on „Qualitative Interviewforschung“ (together with Dr. Kirsten Hackenbroch, DGA methods school "Methoden der empirischen Asienforschung")

WS 2013/14

Seminar „Einführung in die Geographie“ (Department of Human Geographie)

WS 2012/13

Tutorial “Sozial- und Bevölkerungsgeographie” (Department of Human Geographie)