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Main Participants

Associated Scholars


Imam Ardhianto

S. Hidayah.jpg

Sita Hidayah

Doctoral Candidates


Anna Fünfgeld (Political Science)
+49 761 203 3486


Akrimi Matswah (Islamic Studies)


Melanie V. Nertz (Social and Cultural Anthropology)

Guest Fellows

A number of fellowship grants serve to invite international scholars to join the Southeast Asian Studies at Freiburg. Scholars from Southeast Asia, especially from the partner universities, are particularly welcome. During their stay, the visiting fellows are expected to work on publications, provide guest lectures, conduct workshops on their field of expertise and participate in the supervision of doctoral theses. A complete list you can find here.

Former project members and associates

  • Dr. Kirsten Endres
  • Mikko Huotari
  • Prof. Dr. Anja Jetschke
  • Sophia Marie Hornbacher-Schönleber
  • Dr. Christl Keßler
  • Jasmin Lorch
  • Botschafter Dr. Wolfgang Massing
  • Dr. Timo Menniken
  • Dr.  Poltak Partogi Nainggolan
  • Dr. Paruedee Nguitragool
  • Eva Ottendörfer
  • Dr. Kerstin Priwitzer
  • Dr. Andreas Volz
  • Mareike Well
  • Patrick Ziegenhain

Language Teacher


Sien Brüstle

Language teacher: Bahasa Indonesia


Jiraporn Maier-Knapp

Language teacher: Thai

Administrative Staff


Dr. Johannes Sturm

Secretary Department of Cultural and Social Anthropology
+49 761 203 3593


Aglaja Blankenhorn

Secretary Department of Cultural and Social Anthropology
+49 761 203 3593